Embracing homeownership allows you the freedom to transform your living space into a true reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Regardless of whether you gravitate towards contemporary designs or farmhouse aesthetics, your home is your canvas.

While personalizing your space is exciting, it's crucial to consider the long-term implications of your design choices on your home's value. Opting for overly personalized or unpopular materials may diminish appeal for potential buyers, and incorporating out-of-date or overly trendy elements might make your home feel dated quickly.

To guide your design decisions, we've compiled a list of top trends in 2024. Remember, not every trend may suit every home. If you're contemplating listing or renovating your property, contact us at Kim Mathis and Associates, the best realtor in North Carolina, for expert guidance in realizing your vision and maximizing your investment.


Spa-Like Bathrooms

In 2024, homeowners are increasingly transforming their bathrooms into personal retreats. Consider upgrading fixtures and materials, incorporating handmade tiles and custom cabinetry for a touch of style and luxury. Warm neutrals, such as light wood tones, creams, and beiges, create a relaxed ambiance. Enhance the spa experience with features like a steam shower, infrared sauna, or a cold plunge tub. Even minor additions like a massaging showerhead or heated towel bar can add a touch of luxury to your daily routine.

When modifying your bathroom, it's essential to work with experienced and licensed professionals to avoid potential water damage. Reach out to us for recommendations on trusted contractors.



Maximalist Decor

In contrast to the neutral aesthetics dominating recent years, maximalism is making a comeback in 2024. Characterized by intentional curation, maximalist style embraces rich colors, bold wallpapers, statement rugs, and diverse art pieces. Thrift stores can be treasure troves for unique furniture, vibrant rugs, and captivating art, making maximalism accessible on a budget. However, if you plan to sell your home soon, be mindful that maximalist interiors may not appeal to every buyer. We recommend toning down your aesthetic before listing.


Japandi Style

For a more subdued approach that still exudes character, consider Japandi style in 2024. Blending Japanese and Scandinavian influences, Japandi emphasizes clean lines, simplicity, natural elements, and a connection to nature. Calming color palettes, organic materials like raw wood and bamboo, and soft textures create a comfortable and serene environment. Embrace Japandi-style organization with storage solutions like baskets, folding screens, and sofas with built-in storage. If you need assistance implementing Japandi style, contact us for a list of recommended professionals.


Mixed Metals

Mixing metals is a resounding "yes" in 2024, adding visual interest to rooms. Boldly contrast finishes, such as polished nickel with matte black, and consider using each metal at least twice in a room for cohesion. Playing with undertones can alter the room's "temperature," with retro, high-polished looks predicted to replace matte finishes. Reach out for assistance in sourcing fixtures and hardware in various finishes.


Wood Cabinetry and Accents

Classic wood cabinetry is making a significant comeback in 2024, surpassing the ubiquity of all-white kitchens. Light to medium wood tones like white oak and walnut are trending, offering warmth and natural beauty. Incorporating wood-grain accents to painted cabinets and using wood in bathrooms bring a relaxed, organic element into spaces. If you're considering new cabinets or hardwood floors, we can provide a list of recommended trade professionals.


Timeless Renovations

In an era of rapid technological changes, homeowners are increasingly opting for timeless renovations. Characterized by traditional materials, quality craftsmanship, and a color palette featuring warm neutrals, timeless designs offer enduring appeal. These choices can enhance the long-term cost-effectiveness and environmental consciousness of your home. If you're planning a remodel, incorporating classic elements is wise to ensure your investment stands the test of time. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how timeless design choices can benefit your upcoming project.


Beautify your home while enhancing its value. If you're contemplating design changes, reach out to us at Kim Mathis and Associates, the best realtor in North Carolina for informed guidance on how your choices could impact your home's resale potential.